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TUN-IT-UP RADIO founded by Rita Love and Marlon Wright 6/3/2011

TUN-IT-UP RADIO is the only internet radio station that does not affiliate with the PAYOLA system that is corrupting the reggae music industry. This station broadcast 24/7 a day, 365 days a year, commercial free. On January 20, 2012 they broke the record of over 1,000,000 listeners worldwide. Our unique ability is to combine dj's from all corners of the world (DJ Lexx Montegobay, Rita Love, Bronx, NY.,, R.I.P.E - New York City, Dj Camran - Montegobay Jamaica, Mixup Barri - Kingston Jamaica, DJ T Chez - St Lucia, DJ Culture Rock - New Zealand, just to name a few.

TUN-IT-UP Radio works in conjunction to Cyber-Leaf Entertainment, a multitalented charity organization that help musician, artist or your everyday poor people to get professional quality work for free. In return this organization request payment in old books or donation to help children in Jamaica go back to school.

The radio station is broadcast out of New York with a worldwide audience from every corner of the globe. Many artist in the reggae community has benefited from this station by getting their music out into mainstream. Artist such as, Zebi Lion, Iya Ingi, Ithermol and Choice, Silva Duss, Khalilah Rose, Jamaican Carlos, Jah Remz, just to name a few. These artist has a constant rotation due to their commitment as providing positive and influential music in the community.

Marlon Andre Wright

Greetings; people of the world and thank you for stopping by.

We are changing the game in the reggae community.  It’s about time someone stand up to the evil that lurks behind the curtain of injustice and horrible music.  For far too long we have watch our sweet reggae music go to crap music. According to our sources it is only the guys with money can get radio play.   That is not the case here at tun-it-up radio, we cater to the rich, the well known and especially the poor.  Send us your music and we will play it, as long as it is positive and shows no disrespect to our Kings and Queens.

 Thank again for stopping by and enjoy the music.  One Love, Bless!!

Ladye English & Professor HUGH

The English Connection Media

Mon-Sat 6am and 9pm 


Gina Kay

In 2003 Gina Kay began on a journey to better her life and stepped out of the common roles set by society. She attended life training courses with Mind Power Incorporated and became a Life Coach. In January 2010 she received her License for Massage Therapy, April 2014 completed her Life Coaching Certification from Radiant Health Institute. She is a co-author of two books: “Wellness Matters: Holistic Life Coaches Weigh In on Wellness and Other Matters” and “Radiant Living: Holistic Life Coaches Share How Radiant Your Life Can Be”

Understanding the importance of natural remedies and healing as well as being able to offer her clients a variety of options she took Essential Oil classes through a Young Living Certified Instructor of Aromatherapy Science and Raindrop Technique. Gina Kay has also taken Energy and Reiki classes.

Gina Kay teaches & empowers people to become their authentic selves. Working in partnership with her clients she assists them to work through challenges and find their true path. Using her training she works with the whole person; spirit, mind, body and soul, helping them live joyful, abundant and prosperous lives

Curry Don


Howard Hendriks aka Dr. Worries

Howard is a multitalented Quiet Storm. Howard started his career in Radio when he was a University Student reviewing music on Record Jury on JBC in the eighties. He freelanced for all the major Jamaican stations until 2003,he co-hosted the entertainment talk show called E Linkz on Linkz 96 fm where he has interviewed the top players in the Jamaican Entertainment industry.

Mr. Barry Sewell aka Mixup Barri

As the Elder in the group of career enhancers, Meet MIXUP-BARRI

Join him weekday for the “ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN SHOW” Bringing back the love and comedy in the dancehall.    ON LOVE Fans!

Dwight Hill aka DJ LEXXX

Mobay City Jamaica is reborn with Good Clean MUSIC!!!!

With the selections of DJ Lexxx and the entire Foreva Black Music team, to include DJ Chiney, DJ Virus and DJ Shane.

This powerful team of young disk jockeys has teamed up to bring back the dance in the dancehall. Please join them each weekday right here on tun-it up radio.  Keep the fire blazing!!!


Sheron Hamilton-Pearson hosts and produces The Conduit Show at on Saturdays from 11 am until midday and then again at with Peter G every Sunday between the hours of 6-9 pm EST. Sheron P's Conduit Show is a popular magazine-style internet radio program where her quirky personality leads to lively and insightful conversations with celebrities and unknowns alike - giving voice to the ordinary and extraordinary in equal measure. Playing music that inspires - her playlist is widely divergent from week to week. Encompassing gospel, world beats, reggae, pop and soul and R n B classics, she also is passionate about introducing new voices and uses her platform to showcase artists whose music would not normally get airplay on terrestrial radio airwaves. She also features up-and-coming entrepreneurs and movers and shakers in the community.

DJ Fyah Stain

DJ FYAH STAIN is from Mona Commons, Kingston Jamaica. Has been apart of the TUN-IT-UP Radio movement since 2013. He started doing street promotions  in Kingston City. Due to the internet capability in that section of Jamaica he was absent from the scene and is now one of the biggest promoter in Jamaica, he is well known for the Foundation Saturdays movement that is currently on going inside mona commons.  This event captures cultural artist all over the island. Sit back, relax and enjoy DJ FYAH STAIN weekly playlist, Monday to Friday, right here.

DJ Culture Rock


Jeff Boto