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MARY G- Wishing For Love

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We are a payola free station however we need your help to keep the music flowing. Please donate to keep the station active. If you are an artist, please let us know whom you are and we will keep your song on rotation for the life of the station. We remove songs on a monthly basis, to make room for others; yours will not be removed. Thanks for your help and don’t let this discourage you from sending us your music.

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Tun-It Up radio is truly a pioneer in marketing your tunes. Since our change in mangement in 2014 we have seen an increase in the medium. Our Twitter followers has increased significantly and our products on our home page have an increased recognition within the reggae community. Our youtube videos have seen a greater amount of views.  

TUN-IT-Up Radio brags about its 2 million listeners from over 145 countries.   The music never stops here. Listen to us from many different devices from tablet, smartphones, anything that has a speaker and internet connection will be able to connect with he best station online representing Upcoming Artist.

Our published articles in the Jamaican newspapers has demonstrated loyalty to the mission. 1 Love!!

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Jeff Boto

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Lioness is infamous for her love of reggae, a fact well showcased in the original songs she has written. An up and coming singer/songwriter, she is well known for the personal connections that are reflected in her songs. When she picks up a microphone, she transforms with a passion for singing that really engages a crowd. Lioness brings both an energy and creativity of the soul when she writes and sings. The positive vibes she creates with the crowd resonates with all her listeners. 

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  • Great music! Listening in Darkest Dorset, England. Tread boldly!
  • Bless up!!!!!! Listening up here in Canada making me long for the vibezzzzzzz in Jamaica! Must come again soon! One love!
  • yes TUN IT UP....love the improvements on the page
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Artist on the Rise

Artist to look out for in 2016

The track is called “Strong Life” by Hosny, you can listen it right here on Tun-It-Up during the weekdays.   This song is currently on heavy rotation and will continue until the next winner. 

As we get ready to bring in 2016, thanks to all for making Tun-It-Up Radio your number 1 commercial free station. 1 Love, Bless.

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